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The Amazing Art of Pyrography
by Robert Boyer
This is my favorite pyrography book.  It gives the history of pyrography along with lots of pictures.  You will learn about different burners and techniques.  See burned art by many diverse artists.  This book has it all!

The Burning Passion: antique and collectible pyrography, burnt wood
by Carole and Richard Smyth
This book has great pictures of antique pyrography.  It also gives prices and information about each piece.  If you collect pyrography, this is the book for you.

Basic Wood Burning
by Sue Waters and Joanne Tobey
Very good book for beginners.

The Complete Pyrography
by Stephen Poole
This is a nice book with lots of information.

Learning the Art of Pyrography: burning images on wood, paper and leather
by Al Chapman
Lots of terrific pictures and information.  Easy to follow.  You will learn a lot.  Great author.

Pyrography Handbook
by Stephen Poole
Very informative for beginners.

Burning and Texturing Methods (Blue Ribbon Techniques)
by William Veasey
Great illustrations and directions on how to texture using your wood burning tools.

The Art of Wood burning
by Connie Krochmal
Nice book with different techniques to follow.

Pyrography: the art of wood burning
by Bernard Havez
This is a nice book.  It is out of print, but you can still order it.

Wood Burning, Art and Craft: techniques, designs, decorations and inspiration
by Elaine Broadwater
Nice pictures and lots of information.

I Like To Burn Houses: art of wood burning explained
by Jack Fitzpatrick
General information about wood burning.

Wood Burning with Sue Waters: rural scenes
by Sue Waters and Joanne Tobey
Great for beginners to learn how to burn rural scenes.  Lots of pictures and easy to follow.

The Complete Book of Gourd Craft
by Ginger Summit and Jim Widess
Great informative book about burning gourds.

The Essential Gourd: art and hisory in Northeastern Nigeria
by Maria Berns and Barbara Hudson
Interesting information and pictures.

Mammals: an artistic approach
by Desiree Hajny
Learn techniques toward better animal art.

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