Technical Data for JML 55mm Eyepiece

Stock #63230 EFL = 61.1 f/# = 2.20 Magnification = 5.62x Half Angle = 8.4 Resolution/Center = 100-.72 MTF Edge = 100-.72 Limiting Resolution = 320L/MM. EFL The effective focal length is measured with an object at infinity. The tolerance is 2%. f/# This number defines the light gathering ability of a lens and is determined by dividing the EFL by the diameter of the entrance pupil. Magnification This is the designed magnification at which the performance is specified. The performance remains the same when the lens is used at the reciprocal of its magnification. The lens can also be used at other magnifications, however performance may change. Half Angle The designed half angle is one half of the total field angle of the lens yielding the edge resolution/contrast as specified in the lens listing. Resolution/MTF The first number is line pairs per millimeter. The second number is the percent contrast at the given l/mm. Resolution is measured on the short conjugate side. Limiting Resolution Maximum resolution at a contrast level of 6%.
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